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Made with 100% Real Wood

 All of the products made by Furever Pet Furniture are made with 100% real wood. We have all experienced cheap furniture made out of wood filler and flimsy parts, but that will never be a worry when buying from Furever Pet Furniture. 


Get the perfect piece of furniture for your home or apartment by choosing from our many stains, siding, and opening options!  If you have any questions or concerns with regard to your custom product, shoot us a message below and we'll get back to you soon!

Odor Blocking Technology

What helps set our products apart from any other cat litter box furniture is the odor and bacteria eliminating spray used in the final steps of production. This spray is activated by blue light (a light is included with each cabinet or chest) and guarantees the elimination of odor and bacterial properties for at least 10 years!  

About Us

The idea of custom made, odor free cabinets for a cat's litter box first came about when a couple living in Florida had no basement to hide their cat's litter box.  Although us pet owners do a lot for our furry friends, an open litter box can be an eye sore and create unwanted odors in our homes.  The couple tried to find a cabinet to store the litter box, but couldn't find one that would suffice and decided to make their own.  Knowing other pet owners must have encountered similar issues, they decided to start a business and sell to others looking for a way to hide their cat's litter box.  They added the product to Amazon and eBay, and just like that Furever Pet Furniture was born! It is now located in Elmira, NY, just south of the Finger Lakes Region and is continued to be run by an animal loving owner!  

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