Furever Pet Furniture is a woman owned business that recently moved from the coast of Florida to Upstate New York. Our manufacturing facility is located in Elmira, New York just south of the Finger Lakes Region and is operated by EPF Industries, LLC which also owns Northeast Cases (a wooden box manufacturing company). Due to our experience with wood manufacturing, and not to mention our love for furry friends, Furever Pet Furniture seemed like the perfect addition to our family of businesses. The idea of custom made, odor free cabinets for a cat’s litter box first came about when Furever Pet Furniture’s previous owners (a couple living in Florida) had no basement to hide their litter box. Although us pet owners do a lot for our loving animals, an open litter box can be an eye sore and create unwanted odors in our homes. The couple tried to find a cabinet to store their litter box, but nothing was the perfect match. They then decided to build a custom cabinet for their home that was the perfect fit. The couple knew that other pet owners had encountered the same issues, so they decided to start a business out of it. They made a website, added the product to Amazon and eBay, and just like that Furever Pet Furniture was born! What makes our products unique is the odor eliminating spray used in the finishing steps of production. This spray is activated by blue light (which we provide with each cabinet) and guarantees odor elimination as well as antibacterial properties. Our business strives to put our customers first and guarantee that each item purchased is the perfect fit and style for one’s home and pet. We offer a variety of pet furniture in several colors and styles. Don’t see what you’re looking for, but think we can help? Just contact us! We are always happy to assist you.
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