Furever Pet Furniture is a family owned and operated business. Our manufacturing facility is located in Melbourne, Florida, on the beautiful Space Coast. This business grew out of an idea we had to solve our own cat box odor problem. Being here is Florida is wonderful, but there are no basements in which to hide the litter box (and accompanying odor). Having moved down from New England, this was new for us. We love our cat, but did not love the smell, or having to look at the box every time we entered the house through the mud room. So, we decided there had to be a way to hide it and the odor. We saw cabinets out there, but they looked cheap and ugly. We built a cabinet and now we had a beautiful piece of furniture to look at instead of an ugly litter box. Then we thought maybe other people have the same issue we had with their cat boxes. We built a website, added our product to Amazon and eBay, and we received our first order the next day. So, now you know our story. Hope you love our products as much as we do. And now, let us introduce our inspiration / product testers:
Chance Chance is an American Shorthaired "Tuxedo" cat. We found him at a rescue shelter when he was 4 months old and knew immediately he was the one for us. He is so sweet and so patient. Our kids have been known to carry him around by the neck, pounce on him, chase him around the house, etc., and he has never scratched, bitten, or otherwise harmed any of them, even when no one would have blamed him if he had. He is a wonderful product tester and model. But mostly, he is just a wonderful part of our family.
London London is an Australian Shepherd mix. We got him from a "high-kill" shelter. We were told he would be a medium size dog. He now weighs 90 pounds. We think the "mix" is with an Irish Wolfhound, or a horse. He is super-sweet. He loves his buddy, Chance, and never gets too rough when they play. He is great with the kids, using his herding skills to keep them in line. He is, however, the worst catcher in the world. A treat will hit him right on the nose, and he won't catch it. But he is still the perfect dog to complete our family.
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